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Surface Designers has been an accredited Better Business Bureau company since 2006. We have met all BBB Accreditation standards which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

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Jacuzzi Tub Resurfacing can benefit all homeowners, apartment complex, Hotels, Motels and property managers by saving them money and time over a costly replacement.If you have dull and cracked Jacuzzi Tubs, they don’t need to be replaced.

Surface Designers Remodeling Inc. can repair and restore your Jacuzzi tubs at a very reasonable price. We can repair and restore your Jacuzzi tubs without demolishing or removing your fixtures. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our Jacuzzi Tub Refinishing projects.

Jacuzzi Tub Resurfacing can save you money and time over replacement. An old Jacuzzi Tub that is damaged and stained that can’t be efficiently cleaned can be a headache. Many people that have damage tubs sometimes consider purchasing a new one. Although the total cost of installing a brand new tub can be very high. Consider having your Jacuzzi Tub refinished by Surfaced Designers Remodeling Inc. We can make your Bathtub Look like new.

What Makes Our Jacuzzi Tub Resurfacing Services Special?

Jacuzzi Tubs

We do Residential & Commercial Projects.

Bathtub Refinishing

We Do Commercial & Residential Projects.


Make Your Showers Bright & Clean.

Vanity Tops

We Can Repair Damage or Discolored.

Don't Replace, Refinish!

Jacuzzi Tub resurfacing or refinishing is a cost effective bathroom makeover.
It is an alternative to replacing Jacuzzi tub that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or simply the wrong color. Surface Designers will repair chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new. You’ll save hundreds of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement.

Advantages Of Resurfacing 

We have a dedicated team of professionals that can make the Jacuzzi tub resurfacing projects feel seamless and can be done within a few hours. We take extra measures to ensure that the project is completed properly and professionally. We also give you a lifetime warranty on the work we do.

  • Clean Jacuzzi tub and apply acid to remove the old finish

  • Remove silicon and caulking around the Jacuzzi tub

  • Add seal around the Jacuzzi Tub

  • Apply primer to the Jacuzzi Tub surface

  • Apply the new finish to the Jacuzzi Tub surface

Extend the life of your Jacuzzi tubs, tile and countertops for 15 years or more! Save up to 75% over the cost of replacement and the mess of remodeling! In just days, not weeks, update the appearance & color of your bath or kitchen! All work is guaranteed by trained and licensed professionals.

Professional Repair Services.

Our Technicians have been serving the Houston metro area for over 20 years and we stand by our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are a BBB certified company in Houston, Texas. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the projects we do. We welcome the opportunity earn your trust and delivery the best and complete professional service in the industry. We do Commercial and Residential Refinishing.


  • We can repair extensive damage to Jacuzzi tubs

  • Select from a variety of colors for your Jacuzzi Tubs

  • Jacuzzi Tubs can be used within 2-3 days

  • Will look better than new! Lifetime Warranty on Repair Projects

Whether your a homeowner or a property manager, you will appreciate the lifetime warranty we offer on our Jacuzzi Tub Resurfacing projects. Our trained technicians are professionals and you can count on them to do the project properly.

Why Choose Us For Your Bathtub Resurfacing Needs?

We are a BBB Certified Company in Houston, Texas.

We strive to provide the best quality service in the bathtub refinishing industry.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship.

We build lasting relationships with our customers.

We offer the very best customer service in our industry

We offer continuing education for our employees and customers alike.

What Client's Say

A. Simmons, Bellaire, Texas

“All I can say is Fantastic. Richard and his team were very professional. I had both my bathtubs resurfaced last weekend and the service was phenomenal. They covered the whole work area with drop cloths and plastic to protect us from the dust and fumes. They are a very professional crew and I would recommend them to any one that has a project that needs to be done professionally.”